June-July 2017

North Gem Patrons,

Well, another school year has come to an end. We want to congratulate our graduating class of 2017 and wish those 18 graduates the best of luck as they move on to their futures. We also want to thank all of the parents, teachers, friends, and family for helping these graduates reach this milestone in their lives and all of our students have a great school year.

Over the summer, we will be working on our plans for making our next school year even better. One of those plans is moving to a block schedule at our high school. On our new block schedule, our high schoolers will have a 55-minute 1st hour class that meets every day. For class periods 2, 3, and 4, classes will be one hour and 43 minutes long and meet every other day (Monday-Wednesday & Tuesday-Thursday). Then, at the end of the day, the students’ 5th class will be another 55-minute class that meets everyday. This block schedule will allow for more in-depth class activities, students working on assignments with teacher and classmate support, and increase instructional time. In fact, the new block schedule will add over 26 hours of instructional time to our school year, without needing to add school days to our calendar. (The middle school-6th through 8th graders-will continue on a schedule with eight 51-minute classes that meet every school day.)

As you have probably noticed if you have been around our school this summer, Mr. Neese and our summer maintenance crew have been working hard on our summer maintenance projects. Those summer projects include: re-pouring the sidewalk outside our elementary, re-carpeting the hallway in our elementary and the hallway on that second floor, removing the germ-catching carpeting from the hallway walls, painting the cement on the exterior of the building, and other minor repairs as needed. We want to thank our maintenance crew for keeping our school a safe and welcoming place to be.

We will also have some new people in different positions at North Gem this coming school year. We want welcome our three new school board members: Raini Hayden from Zone 1, Kathy Wistisen from Zone 3, and Royce Hatch from Zone 4. We will also have new faculty and staff joining the North Gem team. Mr. Sam Wadsworth will be returning to North Gem as our 4th grade teacher and district curriculum director. Mrs. Rebecca Renfroe will be our new high school English teacher. Mrs. Jennifer Seamons will be our new K-12 music teacher. Mrs. Robyn Williams will also be joining us as a kindergarten/preschool paraprofessional. We are excited to have these new team members supporting North Gem.

We wish all of our staff, students, and their families a safe and enjoyable summer. We hope to see you at the Pioneer Day celebrations here in Bancroft on July 24th. We also hope to see you at our North Gem Education Foundation Fair Booth at the Caribou County Fair, which will be Monday, July 31st through Saturday, August 5th. Please remember that school will resume on Wednesday, August 16, 2017. School hours for our 2017-2018 school year will be 8:00 am to 3:45 pm.

Great things are going on at North Gem School District! Please check the North Gem Events Calendar on our website for up-to-date information about the things going on at our school. We express our appreciation for all of your support as we work to make our district even better.

Please click here to see our North Gem Events Calendar.

Thank you,

David Sotutu 


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