Mission & Vision

Vision Statement

Relationships, rigor, and relevance are the key elements of the North Gem School District’s vision. We will develop strong relationships of trust between the students, parents, community, faculty, staff, administrators, and school board. With those relationships established, we will be able to more effectively provide learning experiences that are appropriately rigorous for each individual student. With proper relationships of understanding, we will also be able to provide relevant opportunities for growth that lead to lifelong learning.

Mission Statement

The mission of the North Gem School District is to build character, competence, and confidence in our students. We believe that for our students to be able to truly contribute to society in a positive way, they must develop solid moral character. We believe that the competence that our students develop through effective teaching and learning will help them provide a sustainable future. We believe that students who are confident in their preparation and ability to learn from new experiences will be able to enjoy continuous lifelong growth.
Simply stated, the combined vision and mission of the North Gem School District is “Relationships, rigor, and relevance yield character, competence, and confidence”. Simpler still, “R3 → C3.